Traxx (1988)

After a brief break we’re back with another episode!  This weeks movie is called Traxx, directed by Jerome Gary and starring Shadoe Stevens.


Here is a short synposis:

Traxx is a mercenary ex-cop who knows nothing about the law, and everything about justice.  He has battled his way through El Salvador, the Middle East and Nicaragua, spitting lead with two-handed good grace until he decides to retire to a life of baking designer cookies.  Yes that’s right, cookies.  Traxx dreams of starting his own cookie company but faces two problems –  he can’t raise the money, and he’s the worlds worst cookie baker.  To raise the money, he turns to the one thing he does know – gang busting.

There was no way we couldn’t do this movie.  Find out what we think happens on this episode of FAUX REEL!

It was hard to find a trailer so instead here’s a phenomenal clip of Traxx baking cookies!  Click here.

Also find FAUX REEL Podcast on iTunes so you can her our lovely voices on your commute!

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